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Heart attack has become a very common disease these days but In Ayurveda there's simple     effective medication for it. Follow these simple methods to avoid Heart Attack

    Ginger Juice- It dilutes blood and reduces pain naturally by 90%
    Garlic Juice- The Allicin in this juice reduces Cholesterol and BP and opens the heart     blockage.
    Lemon Juice- Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Potassium in this Juice, purifies blood and     increases immunity.
    Apple Cider Vinegar- It contains around 90% elements which clears stomach and removes lethargy.

    Use these home made remedy in this way

    Take 1 cup lemon juice
    Take 1 cup ginger juice
    Take 1 cup garlic juice
    Take 1 cup apple cidar vinegar
    Mix all four and heat it on low flame and then cool it down. Now in this mix 3 cups of honey. Take this medicine 3 spoons every morning before eating. It will remove all the blockage.
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Health Tips for a Great and a Healthy Living