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Hysterical Funny quote (Face-Fn1)

Five things in life that leaves us in tears once they are no more with us:





And Internet Pack

Last one is just unbearable.

Laughable Funny quote (Face-Fn2)

Best valentines day message from all girls to their boyfriends and husbands: This Valentines day go environment friendly. Don't pluck flowers, go Eco friendly.

Avoid Roses, Use Diamonds.�?

Hysterical quote (Face-Fn3)

When a wife says I will just get ready in 5 minutes= When a husband says I will call you back in 5 minds.

Amazing Comic Love quote (Face-Fn4)

I wish love should be like homeopathic treatment- even if it don't help us, at least there's no side effect also.

Modern day funny quote relevant in today's times (Face-Fn5)

I used to panic in dark when I was a kid, Now when I see my electricity bill, I get panic to see light.

Hilarious Quote (Face-Fn6)

What's the similar situation that one feels after marrying and buying a phone?

Ans: I wish I had waited more so that I would have got a better model.

Funny Jokes 

A comical funny quote for husbands (Face-Fj1)
Dear wife,

The only answer to all my questions is you.

The only destination to all my journeys is you.

No matter how much pain I have, my happiness is only you.

No matter How angry I may be, my love is you.

No matter whatever I may dream, My destiny is you.

In short, the main reason for all my life's problem is you.

A very Humorous husband wife joke (Face-Fj2)
Once a couple went to a party. There the wife after sometime saw her husband talking and laughing a lot with another lady. She went to her husband and gave him a painreliver ointment and told him that you would need it after we reach back home. Husband replied but I didn't hurt myself. Wife smiled and replied, so we have not yet reached back home also.

Witty funny joke (Face-Fj3)
A man once organized a lavish party. However on the day of the party he realized that there were much more people than were actually invited. He went up on the stage and announced, all people belonging to bride's side, come to my left and all belonging to groom's side come on right. After the announcement 12 people moved to left and15 people moved to right and the rest stayed in between . Then he called the bouncers and told the people who moved that this was his birthday party.

Hysterical Husband Wife funny Joke (Face-Fj4)
A husband woke up in the morning to go for his morning walk. He asked his wife, would you like to go for morning walk with me. Listening this wife said: What do you mean, am I fat?

Husband: If you don't want to go then its ok.

Wife: You want to say that I am lazy.

Husband: Why you getting so angry?

Wife: What do you mean, I always fight with you?

Husband: When did I say that?

Wife: It ,means I am a liar?

Husband: Fine, I am not going for morning walk.

Wife: I know, You actually don't want to go for morning walk.

Husband remained silent and went back to sleep.

Comical joke on poor husband (Face-Fj5)
Once a man's wife was kidnapped by some gangsters. They called the man and told him to give them money orelse they would kill his wife. Husband remained silent. Next day again the same thing happened. Again husband remained silent. Next day the kidnappers again called him and said if you don't give us money today, we will safely return your wife to you. The man broke his silence and said,�? I will give you whatever you want , don't try to threaten me.�??

Silly Funny Boy Joke (Face-Fj6)
Once in the parking, a man saw that a boy was removing two tires from his car. As the man was pretty curious to know the reason behind this, he finally asked the boy why he was doing so. The boy replied: Because I want to park my car.

Man: So for parking your car, why are you removing the tyres?

Boy : Because it's written “Parking only for two wheelers�?

Funny Face book Status 

I always have solutions to all problems, the only exception is my wife.

3 most essential things needed for survival these days :- Food, water and WIFI

"My prayers never getting answered makes me think sometimes that they goes to almighty's junk folder.

One thing that Face book has made easier for kids of this generation, for which we used to get a scolding is- writing on walls.

I guess Time is a woman, you know why, because people say that Time waits for no one.

There was a news that 7 people survived on an island where there was nothing to eat for 21 days – and can you believe they didn't have Face book either.

Life is too small – we should not waste it on Face book. But does anyone know of a better option?

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