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A young man went to a hotel for his vacation. However later he was found dead in his room. When the police arrived they saw pistol in the man's hand. Also there was a cd player in the room. On playing it , the police heard the recording, which said, “ I am completely frustrated with my life, so I am taking this step. Only I am responsible for this and no one should be blamed.? and then there was sound of gun shot. After hearing the cd, the police was sure that it was a murder and not a suicide.How?
Answer: When the police played the cd player it started playing right from the beginning, which means someone has rewinded it.
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One day I chaged the password of my brother's computer.He said that my password is out of date.I want the new one. I said, Liten carefully, yes new password is different.And the new password has same number of letters like the old one and only 4 letters are same.What was the old and new password. 
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