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Funny Brain Teasers 

On this earth there are many different languages. Russia has less people while china has the largest number of citizens. Then which language does majority of people on this earth speak?

Wednesday, Harry and Hermoine went to the carnival. None of them paid the money for the entry ticket, then how did they enter the carnival?                                                

Edward and Jacob were both doctors and both loved the same woman, Bella. However one day, Edward had to go away out of town for a medical trip of 10 days. Before going he called Bella, and gave her 10 apples. Why?

A man while sitting in his drawing room, was searching the English Channel. And he found it also? How?

Brain Teasers for Kids 

Look at the series and complete it:- SD, MD, TD,..... This series signifies something. 

When you watch me, you cannot see. When you see, you cannot watch me? 

Katrina killed many people but was never arrested.Why?

Brain Teasers for Adults 

A boy was a very bad driver, he failed his first driving test. He belonged to a very rich and influential family.He has already commited 4 accidents.The local residents didn't really liked him.  He was advised by the local police to not drive in the colon anymore. One day in the lane, as usual he was going on a one way street but in the wrong direction. But still he was not arrested. Think of the possible reason.

In a hotel reception, the manager returned and found ariel dead in a pool of water and there was broken glass all around. He also found the black dog, belonging to the guest of room number 3 moving around near the reception. But still the guest of room number 3 was allowed to go.Why?

A couple went for dinner and both ordered chilled champagne glasses filled with ice. The husband drank it in just one gulp, while the wife drank it sipping. After sometime the wife dies. Both the Champagne were however poisoned. Then how come after drinking the whole drink, the husband was alive?

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