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Brain Teasers for Kids

Almost everyone, somewhere has heard me, but I speak to none on my own. Only if you speak, I will speak to you. What am I?

In this thing you can find anything. Anything that comes to your mind, like water, earth, universe, even God. What is it?                                        

A, C, D, E, F and G are six members of a family. A is father of C but C is not his Son. D is sibling of C. E is D? brother-in-law, F is G? grandson. G is D? mother. How many male members are there in a family? 

If TREND is coded as TNERD, how is FRIEND coded?                                                                           

If in a certain Code, MACHINE is coded as LBBIHOD, which word would be coded as SLTMFNB?

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