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Brain Teasers for Adults

A very rich man,Mr.Smith wearing his glasses during a hot day of May, went to his office in his car. As soon as he came out of the car, a man came and snatched away his watch and ran away.Eventhough Mr.Smith was healthy and had no eye problem but still he didn't see the thief.Why? 

Once I met a girl who said something very confusing. We were talking on Wednesday, she said on Monday, She was 25 years. And next year she will be 28 years. How can that be possible?

When I was small 5 years, I nailed a hook into a tree to check how tall I was. After 6 Years, when I was 11 years, I want to see how higher was the hook now. The tree grew by 5 inch each year, then after 6 years, where was the nail?                      

A girl once went to a jewellery shop. There she found a very beautiful bracelet, but as she didnt have any money so she steals it. However the owner of the shop caught her and told her either give 10 digits for this bracelet or go to jail. Few minutes later, she came out of the shop with the bracelet.How? 

Consider this word :- Datng. Which english phrase does it shows? 

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