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I cook very well. I cook great plans, strategies and tricks for or against any one.

Don't expect me to be super special, but surely I am the only one of my kind.

Around 24 years ago the earth showed a new star appearing, and you are the lucky one who knows him so closely.

I always keep my status blank, as people are in the habit of copying  me too much.

Just be very careful when you come my way, you may just fall, fall in love with me.

My honest suggestion to everyone around me is to never give me any suggestion.

My life is my own book, no one else have the right to write down the script for me.

I am convinced that God is very artistic and innovative, you want proof, just look at me?

People say that I have changed completely, I think I have just grown up.

Today I wished to kill the most beautiful person on this earth, and as I was about to do it, I remembered that suicide is punishible.



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